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Make your Phuket holiday visit to the Big Buddha extra special!

Tips on making your Phuket holiday Big Buddha visit extra special!


The Phuket Big Buddha, although it may still be under construction, is an amazing sight, standing 45 metres high and covered in Marble, it can be seen from quite a distance. Together with its monastery it is well worth the trip to go up and spend time, not least for the wonderful views once you are up there.


There are various ways to get up to the Buddha all of which will enhance the time you spend if you choose wisely. For the energetic visitor you can hike up, if you talk to the people at the Pineapple Guest house they can give you directions or may hike up with you. This is best done in the early morning before the day gets hot and so that when you arrive, there are few other tourists around.


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Hiking up using the trails that are used by the plantation workers and farmers will take you past interesting landmarks. At one point there is a spirit house and at another a tree with open roots which have been tied with a cloth. Although the trails seem to go into jungle at some points they are not totally wild as people use these trails for access to the plantations.


There is one good road that starts in Chalong and leads up to the Buddha so there is easier access which means you can rent a bike if you are feeling fit, although there are a couple of steep climbs near the top. If this seems a little too much like hard work you could always rent ATV up from nearly Phuket shooting range. This gives you the ability to take in the magnificent sights of the banana and rubber plantations set into the natural jungle, as well as staying at the top for as long as you wish to enjoy the scenery and Zen like atmosphere and peace emitting from the monastery.


There are also a variety of tours that take you up there and add in other sights to make a complete 4 or 5-hour tour. The tours can be on ATV’s, scooters or in cars, but you may wish to stay longer if you chose to enter the monastery. There is a free loan of sarongs for ladies so that they can cover their arms and legs to enter the monastery properly attired. Incense sticks, flowers and meditating monks in a really peaceful atmosphere can lure you into a zen atmosphere you may find entrancing.


Whether you buy souvenirs from the stalls outside the monastery, sponsor a piece of marble or make a donation the profits and money collected all go towards the continued building work of the big Buddha. This amazing construction project is still underway but leaves you in awe of the work that has been done here.


However you choose to go to the big Buddha, there are sights to see and places to eat and drink along the road side. It is best to choose a clear day to get the full benefit of the panoramic views from the top and be prepared to be drawn into the peace and tranquillity of the monks.


Follow these tips and you will surely have a great Phuket Holiday Big Buddha visit!

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