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Most Underrated Things To Do In Phuket

Phuket caters to tourist and has built itself up on being a touristy island. For those looking for a more unique and less crowded experience will want to take a step away from all the typical to do’s. Although a number of the tourist attraction can offer some enjoyment these are five places you will want to get a glimpse of that will lead you off the beaten path of the tourist crowd.


What You Should Be Doing In Phuket:


Phang Nga Bay

You can go the tourist route when you visit the beautiful limestone caves and cliffs of Phang Nga Bay, but if you want a unique experience to avoid the bus boat tours. Instead start your boating excursion at the Northern end of Phuket. Here you will run into less tourist and be able to stop at some more quiet and relaxing beaches and sights along the way. One of the favored places to visit along the way is the James Bond Island. You can also create an itinerary that includes snorkeling, kayaking a cave explorations.



Old Phuket Town

The central part of Phuket capital lies an underrated scene of stunning architecture and historic attractions. You can find a little bit of everything in Old Phuket Town from cafes, restaurants to boutiques filled with traditional textiles and clothes. This is one place you will want to bring your camera and spend some time taking in what life was like in the area decades ago.



Naka Weekend Market

Located just outside of the Phuket town, the Naka Market is an optimal place to do some shopping. You can bargain for a better price but, a number of the items you will find in this market are significantly cheaper than the same products you will find in the Patong markets. A majority of the items found in the market are imported from Bangkok.



Natural Restaurant

In Phuket it can be difficult to find authentic Thai cuisine, but the Natural Restaurant serves up a number of traditional Thai foods. If you want to steer clear of the otherworldly dining options and stick with a true Thai experience then the Natural Restaurant is where you will want to dine.



Similan Islands National Park

If you want to spend a day relaxing and exploring then you want to schedule in a day to dedicate to the Similan Island National Park. It takes about three hours to get to by boat, but the island offers a number of activities. Designated snorkeling and dive sites will allow you to explore the underwater worlds while the natural rock formation and jungle give you a lot of ground to hike and explore.



Phuket offers a lot for any visitor to experience. These underrated attractions are some of the top places you will want to spend sometime at and doing while visiting Phuket.

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