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What to do on Karon Beach? – Phuket island

Phuket Island is considered as the largest location in Thailand. It is considered as the home of seaside resorts, restaurants, and relaxing spas. It is also a perfect place for taking a glance of the natural sights and beautiful coastline. Upon the arrival on Phuket, tourists would observe rich culture and fun-filled activities. When it comes to the existing beaches, Karon is one of the fascinating areas to explore. Karon beach is an appealing attraction which is ideal for family bonding during holidays and even ordinary time of the day. If you are confused on what to do on Karon Beach, just enjoy your stay by trying a variety of activities.


Here are the entertaining activities you must venture while roaming around Karon Beach:


  • Sightseeing tours. As part of your travel in Phuket Island, you must be able to view the beauty of Karon Beach. Joining the other visitors will be memorable due to the richness of scenic spots and touch of nature.


  • This is an answer on the problem about what to do on Karon Beach. Don’t miss the chance to experience the splash of fresh and cool water. After a stressful work, you definitely want to release your burden.


  • If you feel extremely tired from the vigorous activities on Karon Beach, you must avail spa services for personal care. The skilled therapists will use natural ingredients like black sesame, blended oils, jasmine rice, and Thai honey. There is a guarantee for a worthy relaxation.


  • Yoga classes. The tourists will also learn about different yoga styles on Karon beach. The yoga teachers are highly competent on their job.


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  • Try Asian cuisines on Restaurants. The entire family will be delighted with the served food and delicacies. Whether you want to occupy seats or dine out for your meals, you will be surely satisfied with the tasty seafood, pasta, steak, and other dishes.



  • If you want to buy souvenirs for your relatives and friends, Karon Centre is a perfect place to visit. There is also a Karon Bazaar where you can find high quality products. The hospitable vendors will make shopping more fun.


  • Water sports and boat tours. With these activities, the close relationship of a family or group of friends will be developed. By being united during tours, they will have ample time for bonding and communicating.


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  • Bars and clubs at night. Nightlife must also be included within your list on what to do on Karon Beach. Couples could try the several beer bars and dining locations. You can listen to loud music that can make your day stress-free. For a wonderful entertainment, it is highly recommended to join the outdoor games. There are also large TV screens for watching the movies and sports competition. The Karon Plaza is excellent for visiting the massage parlors, guesthouses, restaurants, and bars.