A local's guide to Bars and Nightlife in Karon Beach Phuket

Karon Beach Bars and Nightlife in Phuket

Most people love having a good time that is why bars and clubs exist. The strong demand for a thrilling nightlife under the moonlight pushes the island to offer engaging bars, pubs, and clubs. Karon beach is just one of those beaches on Phuket island that provides an exciting nightlife.


Some of the renowned Karon Beach bars and clubs serve an excellent food and a good selection of international & local ciders, beers, and wines - perfect among friends and couples. They have friendly atmosphere with fine music that will eliminate the stress brought about by the outside world. The foods that are served range from Thai and Asian to Tapas that suit tastes at the bar. Drinks that are offered are suitable for both men and women in whom they can choose from a variety of light and hard drinks.


Many Karon beach bars provide live telecast of sport events such as football and many more, so if you are looking for a good venue with large TV screens for your games, feel free to check out our lists below. Some bars may even feature movies. There is also live musical entertainment that will keep you serenated while spending the night at the bar.


Entertainment in Karon Beach bars is not only limited to music and what you see on the screen, the best that they can offer is a face-to-face chat with the girls. Men can spend some time talking with the girl of their choice in the club and in that way, they are entertained. Not only that, you will also enjoy some bar games that are designed especially for you. Both men and women can participate in these games in which they can really have a good time.


In general, Karon Beach is divided into four areas where the pubs and bars are there to provide you with great entertainment.

  1. The beachfront areas are great spots for bars and nightlife. With soothing sunsets and great ocean breeze, your night out will feel great all through out the night. We recommend checking out Karon Beach Hub, which hosts two of recommended places.
    • Notable bars and nightlife places to check out here:
  2. Near the Karon Beach roundabout is Soi Islandia, a centre for some action with numerous beer slabs, bars and restaurant’s to choose from.
    • Notable bars and nightlife places to check out here:
      • Angus O’Tools
      • Karon Aussie Bar
      • Walkabout Sports Bar & Restaurant
  3. Luang Phor Chuan Road has Karon Plaza, which hosts a cluster of bars, restaurants, massage shops. You can stroll through the area and choose which bars to enter for a beer (or three) or you can have dinner at one of the restaurants and stay longer to relish the live music or sports shows broadcasted in the bar.
    • Notable bars and nightlife places to check out here:
      • 75 Stang Art
      • Reggae Bar
  4. Other notable mentions for bars and nightlife on Karon Beach are spread out.

For your consideration, the following sections will showcase the vibes and feel of these Karon Beach bars nightlife and clubs/

Zippy Day Club on Karon Beach Phuket

Photo by Zippy Day Club

Ciao Pizza and Grill on Karon Beach Phuket

Tann Terrace on Karon Beach Phuket

Photo by Hello Phangnga