Kids friendly resort in Phuket

Discover Plenty of Family-friendly Activities in Phuket

Discover Plenty of Family-friendly Activities in Phuket

When you book a family vacation on the tropical island of Phuket, get ready to have your days filled with fun and excitement. Be sure to book your stay at a kid-friendly resort in Phuket, like Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in Karon Beach, so your little ones will be able to enjoy themselves all day long, even when you just want to relax poolside with a cold drink. The resort offers thrilling waterslides, a kid’s room with games and activities, a petting zoo filled with friendly animals, an enchanting tropical botanical garden and seven different dining experiences that will satisfy everyone in the family.

Get out and explore all the family-friendly activities and attractions around the island of Phuket that are sure to provide memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Read on to discover five of the most popular attractions on the island that the whole family can enjoy.

Explore Phang Nga Bay in a Speedboat

The dramatic islands, cliffs and beaches of Phang Nga Bay are world-famous. They’re also a favorite of Hollywood directors who have often used them as movie locations over the years. Your family can see these famous islands first-hand when you charter a speedboat for an unforgettable tour of the islands.

There are many boat charter companies in Phuket that can provide you with every type of boat, from a small runabout to a luxurious yacht. A speedboat of approximately ten meters in length offers more than enough room for a large family of up to fifteen or twenty people to tour the islands in comfort.

You can choose to stock the boat with food and drinks yourself, or the charter company can provide refreshments. Many of the boats also have snorkeling equipment on board. The resort can easily arrange to have your family dropped off and picked up the boat’s home pier. Simply talk to the concierge at the resort, and they'll arrange for your family day experiencing the wonders of Phang Nga Bay. 

Explore an Upside-down House in Phuket

For a unique experience, explore the Upside-down House Museum and Attractions north of Phuket Town. Your kids will have a ball posing for pictures and selfies in this completely furnished upside-down house.

The attractions of the experience include an outdoor garden maze with a tower the kids can climb to see the way out of the maze. The maze was designed by Adrian Fisher, the most acclaimed labyrinth and maze designer. The attraction also includes an escape room. Your family will be given 30 minutes to escape the prison-like room. Find out how smart and clever the family is by testing your skills in the escape room!

Hike to a Tropical Jungle Waterfall

A hike to Kathu Waterfalls simply involves making your way from the nearby parking lot and walking up a long staircase to see the entire length of the falls. This makes it an ideal outing for young children who might get tired of hiking through the jungle. A visit to the waterfalls should be taken close to the end of the rainy season when the falls have plenty of water.

The falls are divided into two areas. The lower area is a natural pool with a stream running into it that is popular with kids who love to splash around in the warm water. The dramatic falls occupy the second and third levels, which are reached by climbing the staircase through the jungle. Kids are also welcome to get wet in these upper levels of the falls. 

During your visit to Kathu Waterfalls you can experience riding a series of thrilling ziplines through the jungle. The Flying Hanuman Zipline Adventure is located close to the falls. It offers fifteen separate ziplines from multiple platforms suspended from the jungle trees, perfect for the more adventurous and brave members of your family! Kathu Waterfalls is located right outside Patong, just a short drive from Karon Beach.

Learn to Surf in Phuket

Karon Beach is one of the few beaches in Phuket that offers decent waves for surfing. The whole family can learn how to surf along the beach, with its gentle waves offering the perfect conditions for beginners and intermediate surfers alike. The concierges at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort can help arrange surfing lessons for your family.

If the surf isn’t happening at Karon Beach, simply go to the Surf House in Patong and experience surfing with the help of the Flowrider. The Flowrider is a pool with a continuous, shallow wave supplied by water jets. The Surf House’s instructors can teach you the particulars of ‘flowriding’. It’s a fun and perfectly safe way to introduce the family to the pleasures of riding the waves. You can schedule either a ninety-minute session on the Flowrider or a 120-minute session.

Have a Wet n’ Wild Time Zorbing

The whole family will enjoy putting on a swimsuit and climbing to the top of a hill to experience Zorbing. Zorbing involves climbing into the center of a huge, clear, inflatable ball filled with water and careening down the hillside. On the way down, the ball bounces and ricochets off embankments to provide even more laughs and thrills.

It’s all perfectly safe. The water acts as a lubricant to allow the “zorbers” to slide around in a pool within the ball. Your little ones will have the time of their lives Zorbing with mom and dad.

Back to Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

These are just a few of the many family-friendly attractions and activities awaiting you on your vacation in Phuket. Once the day’s adventures are over, the family can return to Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, and mom and dad can relax by the side of one of the resort’s three pools and enjoy a much-needed cold refreshment.

The kids can continue to have the time of their lives by making friends with the animals in the petting zoo, riding the thrilling waterslides, or playing in the kid's room. For a family with a tribe of adventurous and active kids, Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is the perfect place to spend a family vacation in Phuket. Book your upcoming vacation at one of the most family-friendly resorts on the island.