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All You Need to Know about Patong Beach and Nightlife

What is there to do in Patong beach? What can you expect about nightlife in Patong? Should you book a hotel on Patong beach? This article contains all you need to know about Patong.

What to do on Patong Beach?

Patong beach is the most famous beach in Phuket. Phuket has numerous beautiful and world-class beaches, so why is Patong beach the most famous? Although Patong beach itself is beautiful, the reason behind its fame has more to do with the well-rounded activities and facilities available rather than for the beach itself.

1. Beach Activities

Patong beach is a long stretch of sandy beach where you can find many water sport activities available. Whether you are into jetski, parasail, beach volleyball, fishing, or simply suntan; Patong beach is equip to meet your needs. The beach is always lively with many vendors around.

2. Visit Restaurants and Massage Shops

As Patong is the most well-known beach in Phuket, many businesses seek to operate in the area. You can find a range of good quality International, Seafood, or Thai cuisine available at affordable prices.

3. Enjoy the Nightlife

Many say Patong beach is known as the bustling “Entertainment and Night Life Capital” of Phuket  with the best nightlife scene on the island. People travel across the world to visit the famous Bangla party road. You can find all variety of pubs, beer bars, sport bars and clubs. The atmosphere can be chaotic, and the neon lights and hot streets of Patong can be overwhelming for some people.

4. Visit Simon Cabaret

One of the must see shows in Patong Beach and a spectacle you will never forget is the famous Simon Cabaret show. Offering a glitzy, glamorous and professional performance of dance, music and singing, it is widely acknowledged as the biggest and most famous Transvestite-Show in Phuket.

5. See Muay Thai Boxing

Experience the dedication and skill of Muay Thai Boxing, the national sport of Thailand, at the Bangla Boxing Stadium in Patong Beach, the most Famous Muay Thai Stadium in Phuket. Hosting some of the finest International Fighters every weekend, Muay Thai is often referred to as the ‘art of the 8 limbs’ as the fighters use an exciting combination of punches, kicks, elbows and knees to strike an opponent.

Best Bars and Clubs in Patong for Phuket Nightlife

As nightlife is such an integral part to Patong beach, lets go into some details on the top and highly recommended bars and clubs in the area:

1. Illuzion Nightclub

Illuzion Phuket is one of the most popular nightclub in Bangla road, Patong. The nightclub is huge, accommodating up to 5,000 people. Music and party atmosphere is top notch and grab you as soon as you step inside, with amazing sound and light system.  Illuzion now ranks #48 in the TOP 100 Clubs by DJMAG and has been consistently moving up each year

2. Seduction Nightclub

Located right at the heart of Bangla road sits the gigantic Seduction nightclub. Over decades, the nightclub has known to be the trendy place to party with amazing light and sound systems and world famous DJ’s playing the latest tracks.

3. Hard Rock Café Phuket

Hard Rock Café delivers great music, rock n roll merchandising, and Tex-Mex delicacies and memorabilia collection. It is the true home for those who really love rock music western food.

4. Molly Mallone’s Irish Pub

Molly Malone’s Irish Pub It is one of the longest pubs in Phuket that offers affordable and classy establishments. They have wide range of entertainment with quality pub grub and drinks in stylish and classic Gaelic décor with friendly and warm environment.

5. Soi Sea Dragon

Soi Sea Dragon is considered one of the hottest places when it comes to Patong nightlife scene. As you visit Soi Sea Dragon you will find 46 bars, go-go bars, beer bars, souvenir shop, tattoo parlor, guesthouse and hairdresser.

Should You Book a Hotel and Stay on Patong Beach?

While Patong beach is definitely one of the tourist highlights when visiting Phuket, booking a hotel in the area requires more consideration. If you are into the vibrant and party atmosphere then we would say to go ahead and book accommodation closest to where you can party!

However, not everyone wants that– and certainly not for all of the time. Part of Phuket’s charm is that it offers a tropical island experience, but without having to live like a castaway. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of one of over 30 beaches, but you don’t have to find a nearby stream or smash open a coconut to get something to drink, nor do you need to wade into the sea with a spear to find tasty meals.

The problem with Patong is that you get the sophistication and civilisation, but you don’t really get the peace and quiet. For this reason, a Phuket resort that is outside of Patong but within close proximity is a better alternative. The ideal holiday accommodation is somewhere which is on a nice, quiet beach, but which is not a lengthy journey from the fun and excitement – the hazy middle-ground of somewhere remote, but not too remote; somewhere near Patong, but not too near.

We recommend checking out Thavorn Palm Beach Resort on Karon beach. The resort is situated right by Karon Beach, which is among the longest stretches sandy beaches in Phuket. Its sheer size means that it is rarely that difficult to find a little patch for yourself to enjoy the lapping of the clear sea on soft sand. The key advantage of Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is that it is practically the definition of “a Phuket resort near Patong”, with just a 10-minute drive to Patong beach. The resort itself also has three swimming pools, as well as extensive tropical gardens, so you can even find some space to relax there. The modest attractions of Kata and Karon are also relatively close. The nightlife in these two small towns is very tame by Patong standards, but they have a more easy-going atmosphere.