Quality Family Accommodation on Karon Beach

Every parent wants to spend time with their children when they’re on vacation. It’s a chance to bond with them away from the pressures of work and home life. But spending a vacation in an unfamiliar location with your kids can have its own pressures and worries. We’ll tell you about one of the best resorts providing fun and comfortable family accommodation on Karon Beach.

There comes a time when a parent’s job becomes both easier and harder when they’re on vacation with their kids. That’s when the kids become old enough to spend time exploring their surroundings on their own, but are still young enough that the parents worry about them being out and about in unfamiliar surroundings.

When your kids are young, both you and they want to maintain close contact. This makes it easier to keep an eye on them and prevents them from getting into mischief. However, it's also tiring for parents, and you may be ready for another vacation when you get home from one with your kids!

Once they reach middle school age, you’ll scarcely see them when you’re on vacation together, apart from mealtimes and bedtime. You may miss those days when they wanted to be close to you 24 hours a day. But when they reach the age where they start being independent, there are still some ways that you keep an eye on them that they won’t mind at all.

Unique Family Resorts Makes Vacations Fun for Everyone

There's a family resort on Karon Beach in Phuket, Thailand, that may be the perfect accommodation for a family with middle-school-age children. This is truly a family resort. It isn’t simply a hotel that offers rooms big enough to wedge a fold-up cot into or a hotel that adds smaller portions to their restaurant menu and advertises it as a kid’s menu. This is a hotel that takes children's interests and happiness seriously and provides a better experience for the whole family because of it.

The hotel is called Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, and it's on Karon Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. But when you book your family's stay at the resort, your kids probably won't be paying attention to the nearby beach as you arrive at the resort. Their eyes will most likely be glued to the most impressive feature, the three huge swimming pools that occupy a large portion of the resort's grounds. They may be particularly interested in the Blue Heaven Pool because that's where the resort's impressive array of water slides is located.

Non-stop Fun for Kids

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort boasts four water slides of varying heights. The highest one is four stories above the pool, giving even the bravest middle-schooler a reason to hesitate before they take the plunge.

But the water slides are just a small part of the amenities provided by the resort. There’s also a Kid’s Room fully-stocked with games, activities and art supplies that will keep your kids engaged and happy. And it’s right next to the most recent addition to the resort.

The Animal Village Petting Zoo is proving to be a big hit with not only the resort's younger guests, but adult guests as well. The zoo draws the inspiration for its creation from Oscar, a 40-year-old tortoise who is said to be the original resident of the resort. Today, Oscar shares his residence with rabbits, goats, sheep, silky chickens and lovebirds. Guests, young and old, are free to pet and play with the animals or feed them.

The resort has created the perfect destination for kids, providing them with everything to keep them happy and engaged on vacation. It also provides parents with peace of mind knowing their kids are nearby.

Parents can relax with a cold drink on a sunbed beside the Blue Heaven Pool and watch their kids ride the water slides to their heart's content. They can chat with new friends at the swim-up bar at the Chaba Pool while their kids play in the pool's waterfall feature. Or they can curl up with a good book beside the Paradise Pool while the kids slip away to the Kid’s Room to find out who is the chess master of the family.

Paradise for Parents

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is a paradise for weary parents looking forward to relaxing far from the stresses of work. With seven food and beverage outlets scattered around the resort, you're never far from a cold beverage or delicious snack. There's a fully equipped, state-of-the-art, air-conditioned fitness room that offers both cardio and weight-lifting equipment, so parents wanting to keep in shape while they're on vacation can do so using professional, modern equipment.

The fitness room looks out over one of the resort's most special amenities. The botanical gardens provide a spectacular area to stroll among colorful tropical plants. These gardens cover 12 acres and include orchids, plumeria, bougainvillea, cacti, over ten varieties of pineapple plants and hundreds of exotic flowering plants. You'll find 100-year-old Ficus trees, Baobab trees, over 20 Bonsai specimens and beautiful Magnolia trees.

If you love to experience the warm salt breeze while strolling along a tropical beach, then you will love Karon Beach. You can walk for hours along the kilometers of beach and pause at some of the town’s restaurants and bars whenever you need to take a rest. Sample some of the area’s finest seafood and quench your thirst along the way while exploring the town of Karon.

The resort can also arrange for beach activities like parasailing or surfing. Wave to your kids in the pool while you’re soaring high above the resort aboard a parasail.

Perfect Family Vacation

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort may be one of the best destinations for a family vacation. It offers up to three-bedroom suites at affordable prices to suit even the largest families. Plus, it has games, activities and outdoor fun for younger kids who want to experience things with their parents closeby and opportunities for older kids who want to strike out on their own to see what the resort has to offer.

Parents will arrive back home content, relaxed and refreshed. For your next family vacation, plan a trip to the beautiful tropical island of Phuket and book a stay at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort.