A local's guide to Hidden, Scenic, Underrated activities in Phuket

Underrated Things, Hidden Beaches, Sunset Drives in Phuket Thailand

By: John T, June 2, 2022

Most Underrated Things To Do In Phuket

Over the years, Phuket has successfully made itself into a globally popular tourist island. Due to this, locals and similar-minded tourists have soughted out more unique and less crowded experiences. This article will elaborate on ways that will lead you off the beaten path following these topics:


Phang Nga Bay

  • You can go the tourist route when you visit the beautiful limestone caves and cliffs of Phang Nga Bay, but if you want a unique experience to avoid the bus boat tours. Instead start your Phang Nga Bay boating excursion at the Northern end of Phuket. Here you will run into less tourist and will be able to stop at quieter and relaxing beaches along the way. One of the favored places to visit along the way is the James Bond Island. At Phang Nga Bay, you can create a full itinerary that includes snorkeling, kayaking through caves, and more.

Old Phuket Town

  • The central part of Phuket capital lies an underrated scene of stunning architecture and historic attractions. You can find a little bit of everything in Old Phuket Town from cafes, famous restaurants to boutiques filled with traditional textiles and clothes. This is one place you will want to bring your camera and spend some time taking in what life was like on the island decades ago.

Naka Weekend Market

  • Located just outside of the Phuket town, the Naka Market is an optimal place to do some street and local market shopping. You can bargain for a better price but a number of the items you will find in this market are significantly cheaper than the same products you will find in the Patong markets. A majority of the items found in the market are imported from Bangkok.

Similan Islands National Park

  • If you want to spend a day relaxing and exploring beyond the typical Phi Phi or Racha islands, then you will want to schedule in a day or more to the Similan Island National Park. It takes about three hours to get to by boat, but the island offers a number of activities. Designated snorkeling and dive sites will allow you to explore the underwater world, while the natural rock formation and jungles give you a lot of ground to hike and explore. Similan Island is a National Park and contains some of the more accessible yet most beautiful marine life in Phuket.

Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

  • Using 100% natural Thai sugarcane and resting their Rum for at least 8 months, Chalong Bay Rum Distillery is considered one of the few local underrated Phuket businesses worth checking out. Their sugarcane is apparently pesticide free and their disillery uses traditional French methods. 


Top Hidden Beaches in Phuket

Mai Khao Beach

  • This beach remains clean and natural because it is part of a national park. It is 11 km long and you could easily walk the entire beach and only come across a few people. It’s perfectly peaceful. This beach is easy to access and the sand is very clean. However, it is far from the main areas of Phuket. There are no beach facilities, unless you are a guest at one of the resorts located near the beach.

Haad Sai Kaew Beach

  • Located at the very north of Phuket island, Haad Sai Kaew is a deserted strip of sand and the very last beach before Sarasin bridge. It is safe to swim at this beach and the sand there is very clean. It is not difficult to access, but this beach is far from the main areas of Phuket. There are restaurants located on the beach making this the ideal hidden beach on which to have a meal. The food prices are a bit high, but the exceptional beauty and peacefulness of the surrounding area makes it worth every penny.

Freedom Beach

  • Some consider this to be the most beautiful beach on the island, but it has remained relatively quiet because it is very difficult to access. The only way the access this beach is by boat and the boat rides can be quite expensive. There are restaurants on this beach and beach chairs have been supplied. It is safe to swim here. Although it costs a considerable amount to reach this beach, it is worth the money if you truly want a beach that is not busy.

Ao Sane Beach

  • This beach is right next to the extremely popular and busy NaiHarn beach. It has remained unnoticed because the only way to reach it is to drive under the Phuket Yacht club. This beach is quite small, but since it does not receive many visitors it remains comfortable.  It is safe to swim here and the area is very clean. If you want to take your kids to the beach, this would be a good choice. There is a place for for snorkelling around Ao Sane.

Best unknown Phuket View points and places to watch Sunsets

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With its fantastic west-coast beaches, beautiful viewpoints and uninterrupted views across the Andaman Sea, Phuket has some pretty spectacular sunsets and view points. The green season is probably the best time to see really stunning skies at dusk, with clouds being up-lit by the last light of the day, but you have to be lucky to get the right conditions. During the high season, you get a wonderful show from the balcony of any Phuket beach resort along the west coast on absolutely every evening.

While you can literally walk onto the sand of Karon, Kata, Patong, Kamala, Mai Khao, Surin, Bangtao or the other west-facing beaches of Phuket and watch the sunset, there are some really outstanding places to enjoy the view from. The following are some of the best picked by locals of Phuket.


Karon View Point

  • ​​​​​​This is another view point that should not be missed. Located between Nai Han Beach and Kata Noi beach, Karon View Point will show you three bays - Kata Noi beach, Kata Bay, and Karon Bay. The view here is unique as the line-up of the 3 bays looks like a Crescent Moon. 
  • You can find beautiful sunsets at Karon View Point

Promthep Cape View Point

  • Quite possibly one of the most popular local view point in Phuket. Phuket’s most southerly point, the rocky cape is very popular at sunset when the tall palm trees and windswept grasses glow orange in the dying light. The view to the west features Nai Harn Beach to your right and the tiny Kaeo Islands to the left. The only downside is that it is quite a long drive from most Phuket beach resorts to get there and back. Promthep Cape is an important landmark of the Phuket. The view point is massive, so you can still find your secluded spot to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island
  • You can find beautiful sunsets at Laem Promthep Cape

Wind Turbine View Point by Prompthep

  • We wouldn't be doing our readers any justice, if we mentioned Prompthep without some unique underrated alternative. If you want a romantic picnic, secluded, and possibly hiking trip all packed in one, maybe consider Wind Turbine View Point. It is located next to Promthep cape at the top of a mountain. You can find it by looking out for a lonely white wind turbine. 
  • You can find beautiful sunsets at Laem Promthep Cape

Rang Hill View Point

  • This view point is in the center of Phuket city and showcases 180 degrees panoramic views of Phuket town. From here you can see both the sea and the city together. You can visit this destination during the day or night. Anyone coming during the day time will see the Phuket city to the sea. Anyone coming during the night time will see the city in bright glistening lights. 

Toa Sae View Point

  • At the height of 250 metres on top of a mountain, Toa Sae View Point is the highest view point in Phuket city. Visitors will be able to see further than Rang Hill. Be warned, many monkeys live here and they will often check you out for food. 

Khao Khad View Point Tower

  • Another beautiful sunset view point. Here you will be able to see the 360 degrees surrounding view of Makham Bay, the Phuket Bay, Mai Thon Island and the Andaman sea.
  • You can find beautiful sunsets at Khao Khad View Point

Big Buddha near Karon Beach

  • Definitely NOT unpopular, but we couldn't resist it. Atop the Nakkerd Hills, which runs down the spine of the island, the 45m statue is coated in white jade marble that gleams in the final rays of the day’s sunlight. The view across the western side of Phuket is exceptional from this high viewpoint, but the long, steep, winding road back down the hill is a little tricky at dark.
  • You can find beautiful sunsets at Big Buddha Phuket

Scenic Drive places in Phuket

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Sarasin Bridge

  • The Sarasin Bridge is the bridge connecting the mainland Phang Nga province and Phuket island province.  This 700 metres bridge was built in 1976 to replace the sole usage of ferries. Today, Sarasin Bridge has become an upcoming tourist attraction to enjoy a sunsets, sea breeze, and scenic drives.

Laem Phrompthep Cape

  • Although a very popular destination, the route towards Prompthep Cape is a beautiful scenic drive route. The route is not densely populated and is a popular expat area for jogging and bicycling. After you have finished the route, you can stop by Rawai Seafood Market, where some of the freshest catches of seafood are gathered. Many restaurants line up the market, so you will have no problem finding food. 

Nai Harn Beach

  • Nai Harn Beach is situated in the South of Phuket, near Phromthep Cape. To get to Nai Harn Beach, you must drive pass a large lake  that is famous for jogging. Nai Harn Beach is not a long beach.

Ao Sane Beach

  • Ao Sane Beach, a rocky beach next to Nai Harn Beach. Ao Sane Beach hides behind a hill. It is also famous for snorkeling.

Khao Khad Viewpoint

  • The road to Khao Khad Viewpoint is the crossroad between the sea and the hill. You can easily enjoy a good sea view on the way up to Khao Khad Tower, where 360 degrees panormic views of Phuket awaits.