New Year Countdown and Christmas in Phuket

New Year Countdown and Christmas in Phuket

Where to Count Down in Phuket for New Year’s Eve?

New year’s eve is an important celebration for many cultures and traditions. In this article, we recommend 3 places in Phuket with awesome count down for the new year!

1, Patong Beach

You cannot go wrong with spending count down at Patong Beach. The beach is very lively especially on New Year’s eve as people gather to wait for midnight fireworks. There are numerous hotels in Patong and close proximity, many of which prepare their own fireworks for guests, thus guaranteeing beautiful show of fireworks if you stay on Patong beach. Additionally, being in Patong means you can easily get access to Bangla road for clubbing and drinking if you wish to party the night away.

2. Beach Clubs

Another popular option to celebrate new year is to go to beach club parties. Phuket has numerous beach clubs around the island, many of which will host special events featuring special DJs and fireworks for new year’s eve.

3. Saphan-Hin

Saphan Hin is a seaside park in Phuket, around 3 km southeast of the Old Town. 

Saphan Hin Park is the main venue of most of Phuket’s annual events, such as Loy Kratong and a large procession from Chinese shrines on the last day of the famous Vegetarian Festival.

If you find yourself in Phuket Town during new year’s eve, be sure to visit Saphan-Hin where there will be beautiful fireworks and lanterns.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Phuket?

Christmas is a treasured celebration for many countries around the world. However, while Thais recognize the special occasion, Christmas is not typically celebrated among Thais. So, what are some special things you can do in Phuket during Christmas to still make the day special?

1. Have a Nice Christmas Dinner in Phuket

Many popular restaurants in Phuket will host special Christmas dinner. Enjoy special seafood buffet and many other delights at special prices. These restaurants will typically also do Christmas decorations so you can feel right at home!

2. Explore around Phuket Island and Beaches

After all you are already in Phuket so why not take this day to explore the island and its beaches? Your friends and people back home will surely be jealous when they see your posts of the sunny sandy beaches.

10 Popular and Unique New Year Gift Ideas

If you are already on your holiday in Phuket and suddenly need to buy gifts for New Year, we have you covered! It won’t be too hard to find something special even with a short notice!. Here are some  10 popular and easy gift choices for New Year:

1. Glass

You can never go wrong with a crystal clear glass mug. A classic gift that will surely get plenty of use!

2. Cash

In Thailand, in many occasions people will give gifts in the form of just cash. Money or gold is a symbol of “Luckiness” and lets the receiver decide for themselves how they want to spend their gift.

3. Wallet

Buying a nice leather wallet is always a great option. In Phuket, you can easily find leather stores with quality wallets at great prices.

4. Save The World Bag

Environmental-friendly is such an important concept in today’s world. No matter how much time has passed, the “Save The World Bag” will still be popular, in trend, and relevant.

5. Key Chain

Although getting a key chain may seem like a small gift, consider making the gift more special by buying keychains with local touches of Phuket or Thailand. The gift will always serve as a reminder of your wonderful holiday together in Phuket.

6. Notebook, Diary

Bookworms love not only reading, but also taking notes. So, if you are looking for a thoughtful New Year present for loved ones who are into writing, get them a unique notebook!

7. Coin Bank

Coin bank is a very popular gift which has many designs such as piggy bank. This gift is a particularly good gift for children as it teaches them the concept of saving money!

8. Bookmark

A nice bookmark is also a great gift for children or those who love reading. They will always be reminded of you when reading their book!

9. Ring

If you are making a gift to your partner, consider buying them a nice ring. Phuket has many jewelry stores around with quality gems at affordable prices.

10. Spa and Beauty Herbal Items

If you are making a gift to ladies, you can never go wrong with buying beauty items. Thailand is especially famous for spa and Thai herbal products. People back in your country will also enjoy this gift as it will be unlike anything they can find back home!