Get Away from the Crowds in Karon, Phuket

Are you wondering where you should stay on your first visit to Phuket? For families, couples and single travelers, few areas on the island can compare to the relaxing town of Karon, Phuket.

The secret to its popularity with many knowledgeable travelers is that it's just over the hill from the shopping, dining and nightlife capital of the island, Patong Beach. You can take a short drive over the hill into Patong and enjoy a night of dining, dancing and fun. At the end of the evening, you can escape to the peace and beauty of your hotel along the vast, pristine sands of Karon for a good night’s rest, leaving the noise and bright lights behind.

Attractions of Patong

Many first-time visitors feel they should experience all that the island has to offer. They also think that booking a hotel in Patong along the beach will provide them with everything they’ll need and want to experience while in Phuket. Patong has some of the best nightclubs, restaurants and bars on the island, and nightlife-lovers need to experience Bangla Road to truly get a sense of what nightlife in Phuket is all about.

But nightlife isn’t all that Patong has to offer. Jungceylon Shopping Mall in the middle of Patong features some of the most upscale shops on the island. It’s a shopper’s paradise, perfect for visitors wanting to add to their wardrobe while on holiday. There are also plenty of other shops in Patong that make it the perfect place to pick up a souvenir of your holiday in Thailand or something for the folks back home.

All the amenities and shops in Patong can seduce a first-time visitor into booking a hotel in town. But they’ll soon find themselves missing the opportunity to experience the beauty of the tropical natural environment of Phuket. Patong may supply all the shopping, dining, and nightlife, but it falls far short in delivering the island's natural beauty.

Best of Both Worlds

Knowledgeable travelers who have visited the island before are choosier in selecting an area to stay on the island. They want to stay on the west coast of Phuket to get a chance to see the spectacular, romantic sunsets every night. They also want to stay close to Patong to take advantage of all the attractions, nightlife and conveniences it offers.

There is a smaller town within a short drive of Patong called Karon that offers a pleasant alternative to the noise and crowds. It’s also on the west coast of Phuket, so it offers the same colorful sunsets. It features a pristine, uncrowded beach where you can walk for hours with nothing but your own thoughts to keep you company. Best of all, Karon offers plenty of its own conveniences with its many beachside resorts, cafes, restaurants, shops and bars along its stretch of coastline.

Karon offers the best of both worlds on the island of Phuket with natural beauty and the modern conveniences that are the two parts of every family vacation in Phuket. While Karon is still quiet and peaceful, more travelers are discovering that it’s the perfect place to stay on a vacation to Phuket, so you should take advantage of it before it gets discovered by the masses!

One of the Best Resorts on Karon Beach

While there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from along the kilometers of Karon Beach, one of the best resorts for families, couples, and singles is Thavorn Palm Beach Resort. 

Families will be thrilled by the facilities that ensure children will have the time of their lives while staying at the resort. Driving up to the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, your kids will be jumping out of their seats at the sight of the giant water slides around the huge swimming pools. The resort boasts four water slides, with the tallest at 14 meters. Kids and adults alike can spend hours experiencing the wet n' wild fun at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort. 

A recent addition to the resort’s attractions is the petting zoo. The zoo is filled with friendly goats, sheep, rabbits, silky chickens, and lovebirds. They’re all presided over by Oscar, a 40-year-old tortoise who is the resort’s first resident.

Romantic couples will be enchanted by the resort's botanical gardens that occupy 12 acres. With exotic orchids, bougainvillea, plumeria, cacti and hundreds of flowering plants to discover, they’ll find themselves strolling the garden paths for hours.

Resort Dining Experiences

A trip to Patong may become less inviting once you’ve discovered the seven restaurants and dining experiences that await you at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort.

The Windsong Restaurant is the resort’s main restaurant. It offers a mouth-watering menu of Thai and international food. The restaurant is in the center of the resort, making it the perfect meeting place for active families whose kids may be off exploring the petting zoo, water slides or nearby beach. And the nearby Windsong Bakery offers fresh pastries and bakery items that make every breakfast special. 

For a taste of old Italy, you can experience Neapolitan pizza and authentic Italian bistro cuisine while watching a tropical sunset at Ciao Pizza and Grill Restaurant. To top off your Italian meal, stop in at Sweet Talk, the resort's very own ice cream and dessert shop, for the best freshly-baked desserts and ice cream.

The Coffee Talk Café is the place to recharge your batteries with high-quality coffee and healthy, freshly-squeezed juices while watching the residents of Karon go by. 

The resort also features two pool bars that each provide tropical cocktails, beers or soft drinks to enjoy alongside the vast swimming pools.

Book a Stay in Karon, Phuket

For your upcoming visit to Phuket, why not get the best of both worlds and book a stay at the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort on Karon Beach?

You’ll spend your time along one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. You’ll also have the option of taking a short drive into Patong to enjoy the world-famous nightlife or simply enjoy a sunset walk along Karon beach and then retire to enjoy a meal under the stars at one of the resort's restaurants.

For first-time visitors to the island or seasoned travelers, make the right choice and book a stay in Karon Beach.