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Experience the Best of ThailandThavorn Palm Beach Hotel & Resort at Karon Beach, Phuket

A Premier Resort on Karon Beach in Phuket, Thailand

Staying at a spectacular hotel is often the best part of your vacation. Welcome to Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, a luxury hotel in Phuket, offering 5-star accommodations with a prime location on Karon Beach, one of the most beautiful destinations in Thailand. With our unparalleled beachfront access, expansive resort gardens, and world-class hotel amenities, we invite you to experience the best that Karon Beach in Phuket has to offer.

Is Karon Beach a Good Place to Stay?

Karon Beach, with its extensive stretches of white sand and clear, azure waters, offers a more serene alternative to its more crowded neighbor, Patong Beach. Renowned for its beauty and tranquility, Karon Beach in Phuket is considered one of the best destinations for families, couples, and solo travelers searching for excellent hotels, picturesque views, and lively beach experiences.

With its captivating beauty, range of activities, and unparalleled luxury offered at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, Karon Beach is the best choice for a memorable Phuket vacation. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or the best beachfront hotel experience in Phuket, our resort is set to impress you beyond your expectations.

Our Hotel at A Glance: Relaxation and Adventure

Our beachfront resort features:

One of the Best Hotel Locations on Karon Beach in Phuket

Enjoy one of the longest stretches of pristine sand on Karon Beach, set against a backdrop of nodding palm trees and stunning sunsets. Our proximity to souvenir shops, dining options, entertainment, and major attractions like Patong Beach and the Big Buddha positions us as a premier choice of where to stay in Karon.

Thrilling Water Activities

Our resort boasts four waterpark-grade giant water slides, standing four stories high. Our spectacular swimming pools span over 2,600 square meters, allowing for action-packed water slide adventures and tranquil swimming and sunbathing.

Lush Botanical & Rainforest Gardens

Our Karon Beach hotel houses the best and most diverse collection of plants in Phuket, Thailand. Explore 12 acres of breathtaking botanical and rainforest gardens, home to almost 100 exotic plants and friendly wildlife, creating a natural paradise within the resort.

Premium Dining Options

With restaurants, cafes, and bars to choose from, we boast one of Karon Beach's most varied dining scenes, offering everything from Thai fusion to international cuisine, plus delightful pool bars.

Why Choose Us?

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is often considered the best hotel option in Karon Beach for several reasons:

  • Our family and kid-friendly facilities make us the perfect choice for families seeking a balanced blend of fun and relaxation.
  • We’ve received recognition and awards for our service, facilities, and conservation efforts, highlighting our excellence in hospitality.
  • Our commitment to sustainability and green hotel practices, particularly in coral and marine life conservation, underscores our dedication to preserving the natural beauty of Phuket’s Karon Beach.

Unparalleled Experiences at Karon Beach

If you’re wondering if Karon Beach is a good place to stay in Phuket, a look at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is all you need to decide. Our direct beach access allows you to enjoy Karon Beach to the fullest, while our on-site amenities ensure your stay is filled with pleasant and relaxing moments. 

Whether you're enjoying our luxurious accommodation, dining at our acclaimed restaurants, sliding down thrilling water slides, or unwinding in our botanical gardens, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable stay with us.

Have the best experience in Phuket at our hotel on Karon Beach

Best Hotel Views from Our Beachfront Location on Karon Beach in Phuket

Spanning 500 meters of Phuket’s famous Karon Beach, Thavorn Palm Beach Resort has one of Phuket’s best beachfront hotel locations. Our guests enjoy one of the longest stretches of unspoiled white Karon Beach sand, with turquoise-blue waters, nodding palm trees, and beautiful sunsets to savor. 

Moreover, with souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, and a mini-golf establishment within walking distance from our resort, you’ll be spoilt for shopping, entertainment, and dining options. Looking for more? Patong Beach, Kata Beach, Big Buddha, and various large shopping malls are only a 10-20 minute drive away.

Children are in for the best hotel experience in Karon with our exciting giant water slides

Giant Water Slides for the Best Hotel Adventure in Karon

Our hotel’s Blue Heaven swimming pool has the best waterpark-grade giant water slides this side of the island. Our 4-story-high water slides with curved, twin spiral, wide, and roller coaster spiral slides provide hours of exciting fun on Karon Beach for children and adults alike.

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort features four large swimming pools

Four Massive Swimming Pools

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort offers the best hotel swimming pools on Karon Beach, Phuket. With over 2,600 square meters of combined space, each pool is designed for fun and relaxation. We have a kid-friendly waterpark pool with giant water slides, a pool with a swim-up bar, another with beach access, and a sunbathing pool.

Be amazed by some of the best collections of exotic plants at our hotel’s botanical garden in Karon

12 Acres of Botanical & Rainforest Gardens

If you’re looking for a hotel in Phuket that lets you experience the best of both worlds — on the beach and in a rainforest, look no further. Our carefully manicured and ever-evolving botanical and rainforest gardens are a unique highlight of our Karon beach resort. 

Discover almost 100 exotic plants, flowers, and bonsai tree species. Stroll through our gardens and be amazed by the diverse flora and fauna. Be prepared to encounter our friendly resident creatures, from tortoises to rabbits, parrots, and turkeys, as you bask in nature’s beauty and wonder.

Eight Restaurant, Bars, & Cafes on Karon Beach, Phuket

Our restaurants and cafes are the pride and joy of Karon Beach’s diverse dining scene. We offer plenty of options to satisfy all your cravings, from international and Thai fusion to comfort food and bistro fare, coffee and drinks, ice cream and desserts, and baked goods and pastries - we have it all!

Family-friendly resort activities in Karon, Phuket

Beachfront Hotel With the Best Family-Friendly Facilities in Phuket

With many unique family and kid-friendly facilities, Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is an excellent choice for a family holiday in Phuket. Learn more about our family-focused experiences and hotel package deals to plan the best vacation in Karon Beach.

Embark on scuba diving adventures in Phuket from our Karon Beach resort

Sustainability and Green Hotel Practices

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship in Thailand, we take the lead in coral and marine life conservation in Karon Beach, Phuket. We’re dedicated to working with the government’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources to save, grow, and nourish corals on Phuket’s natural reefs.



Karon Beach, Phuket

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is one of Phuket’s best beachfront resorts. We provide tasteful upscale accommodation, direct beachfront access to Karon Beach, a giant four-story waterslide, seven unique dining options, a seaside mini-petting zoo, a kid’s room featuring a ball pit, toys, and activities, and a 12-acre tropical botanical garden on the spacious beachside grounds of our resort.

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