Things to do in Phuket for couples

Spend a Romantic Vacation in Karon, Phuket

If you're wondering where to enjoy a romantic and active getaway this upcoming holiday season, why not plan a visit to Phuket? There are so many things for couples to do in Phuket that your days will be full of exotic fun and excitement.

Phuket offers scores of activities to pursue during the day, and once the sun goes down, the famous nightlife on the island will have you dancing the night away. 

Book a room at the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort on the beautiful white-sand beach of Karon, Phuket. The resort offers Deluxe Terrace rooms that feature a sunken lounge in the pool with a sea view. It's the perfect spot to watch the spectacular tropical sunset with your loved one while enjoying a cocktail.

For your first night on the island, ease into the tropical lifestyle. Enjoy a romantic dinner at Ciao Pizza and Grill, and afterward, take a starlit stroll along the beach. Later, revel in the lights and music at Bangla Plaza in the nearby small town of Karon and dance the night away.

Karon Beach is on the west coast of the island. It’s just around the corner from the larger town of Patong which offers some of the best shopping, dining and nightlife in Phuket. When you book your stay in Karon Beach, you’ll be in one of the most beautiful and strategic locations on the island. Karon Beach offers kilometers of stunning beach and easy access to the airport, Patong and Phuket Town just over the hill. This means all the activities you’ve both been wanting to try are within easy reach.

Experience the Exciting Activities of Phuket

The island is a tropical paradise surrounded by the Andaman Sea on the west side and Phang Nga Bay to the east. These warm and calm bodies of water are the ideal places to experience snorkeling or scuba diving in the tropical coral reefs surrounded by schools of colorful fish.

Simply ask the front desk at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort to book you on an introductory dive, and you'll be transported to one of the many spectacular shallow-water dive sites around the island. Experienced instructors will guide you into the wonders of the underwater world of Phuket.

Explore the Culture and Entertainment of Thailand

Thai food is one of the world's favorite cuisines. Join a Thai cooking class and learn the secrets to preparing some of Thailand's most mouth-watering dishes. Back home, wow your family and friends by showing off what you have both learned.

Thailand is also one of the world’s favorite places to visit for the amazing variety and quality of the street food it offers in every town and village. Browse the markets, choose some delicious dishes, and create a picnic you can enjoy on the beach while you watch the sunset. Afterward, make plans to head into town and watch one of the extravagant and unforgettable cabaret shows that Thailand is famous for.

Photograph the Natural Scenery of Karon Beach

Karon Beach offers modern infrastructure surrounded by lush and natural scenery. For a special treat, make plans to wake up early one morning and watch the sunrise from Karon Viewpoint. Be sure to have your cameras fully charged when you do.

Karon Viewpoint offers a spectacular vista of the west coastline of Phuket from the hills just behind the town. You’ll be able to see all the way to the hills beyond Patong. The photos you’ll bring back home will inspire your friends and family to make Phuket their next vacation destination.

For even more panoramic views of the island, you can book a helicopter tour of Phuket. You have your choice of anything from a quick ten-minute ride over the west coast to a forty-five-minute tour of the entire island. The tours can even be arranged to include Phang Nga Bay. A helicopter tour soaring above this tropical paradise is the perfect gift to surprise your loved one with.

Reserve a Couple’s Spa Day

With all the activities you're enjoying, don't forget that relaxation is also an important part of any vacation. Choose a morning or afternoon of your vacation to experience the blissful relaxation and rejuvenation that a Thai spa experience can offer you both. You’re in the country that invented the Thai massage, after all.

Start off with a Thai massage, but why stop there? Experience the full menu of spa treatments a quality spa can provide. We offer scrubs, peels, aromatherapy, and moisturizing treatments that will have your entire body glowing. You’ll experience the most restful sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to explore more activities around the island.

Don’t Miss the Attractions at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

Booking a stay at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort means you have attractions right outside your door for days when you’d rather enjoy the resort and the beach. The resort offers 4-story high water slides and three massive swimming pools for couples who love swimming and playing in the water. It has a state-of-the-art fitness room with the latest weight training and aerobics equipment. It also boasts seven restaurants and cafés for couples who like to explore different cuisines while they’re on vacation.

But Thavorn Palm Beach Resort also has two surprising attractions that make the resort unique. The resort has an Animal Village Petting Zoo that's a delightful experience for every guest. Established in honor of Oscar, a large tortoise who serves as the resort's ambassador, the petting zoo also houses younger tortoises, rabbits, goats, sheep, chickens and love birds.

The other unique attraction of the resort is the 12-acre tropical rainforest botanical garden. The garden features some of the most beautiful tropical flower species and plants, making it a romantic place to take a walk and enjoy a morning stroll after breakfast.

This season, why not book a romantic getaway to Phuket? Come and enjoy the luxurious, comfortable rooms, great location, and warm and friendly hospitality offered at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort.