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Karon Beach, PhuketThe Best Beach For Families

What is it that makes a Phuket beach holiday a true vacation experience? In our humble opinion, it is the luxury of getting to dip your toes in warm sand while only a few steps from your luxurious room.

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort delivers just that – with its rare and excellent location right in the heart of Karon Beach’s oceanfront. Plus it offers many fun activities as well. This beach is perfect for practically everyone, especially families, due to its extremely long stretch of soft white sand and abundance of shops, restaurants, and mini-golf places.

At your leisure, seek out the fun and excitement of Phuket by indulging in jet skis, parasailing, beach volleyball, and many other activities. Despite the many things to do, Karon Beach still maintains a natural ambience with plenty of space for you to find a quiet spot away from the crowds.

By staying with us at our unique Karon Beach location, you get the luxury of the beautiful Andaman Sea sunsets along a stretch of sand that stretches for kilometers in both directions.

Karon Beach Phuket best beach

Chill by Karon Beach and Enjoy its many offerings

An obvious reason why anyone would come to Karon is of course for the beach. Throughout Phuket Island, Karon beach is easily considered one of the cleanest and longest beaches.

In Karon Beach, you will not feel any boredom as there are several water sport activities that you choose to enjoy such as jet skiing, parasailing, diving, snorkeling and a lot more. Windsurfing is a sport worth checking out because Karon Beach has some of the best windsurfing conditions available in Phuket.

Due to its long length, the beach never feels crowded. Visitors can enjoy sunbatheing to their fullest, and once in a while visit the local town or walk to Karon Beach Hub, a popular spot for food and activities.


Karon Beach Restaurants and Dining

Karon Beach Dining

Karon beach offers one of the best and most comprehensive food scenes on Phuket island. From homestyle Thai street food and fresh seafood, to gourmet international cuisine, you do not need to look far to satisfy your cravings. Known for its family-friendly atmosphere, Karon Beach offers a variety of restaurants that cater to and satisfy different age groups.

Looking for something sweet for the little ones? Visit Sweet Talk for delicious ice creams on the beachfront.

Coming solo for some relaxing me time? Get a nice cup of coffee at Coffee Talk while looking out at the soothing beach waves.

Don’t forget to grab some Neapolitan pizza at Ciao Pizza and Grill and watch the beautiful Karon beach sunset with your friends and loved ones.

Pay a visit to the Big Buddha Phuket

Pay a visit to the Big Buddha

With a diverse list of fun things to do, you'll never feel bored in Karon Beach. In addition to massages and various water sport activities, many religious landmarks and cultural experiences are available nearby. Make a stop at the Big Buddha, considered one of the most revered landmarks on the island and impressively sitting at 45 meters tall.

Beach Petting Zoo on Karon Beach

The One and Only Petting Zoo on Karon Beach

Did you ever think you’d find cute and friendly animals among the list of things to see and do on Karon Beach? Head over to Thavorn Palm Beach Resort’s Beach Petting Zoo, a full-fledged petting zoo with resident giant turtles, friendly sheep, naughty goats, colorful parrots, cuddly rabbits and many more! Make your child’s holiday unforgettable and get up close and personal with these beautiful animals. Visit designated hours to personally feed these cute local farm animals.

Karon Beach’s Best Waterslide

Karon Beach’s Best Giant Water Slides

Had enough of beaches and the ocean? Among its numerous fun activities, Thavorn Palm Beach Resort offers one of the best waterslides in Karon Beach. Check out this giant 14-meter 4 floors high water slides featuring four fun and exciting slides: curved, twin spiral, wide, and roller coaster spiral. Whether you are coming with kids or as adults, rest assured that our slides will provide the thrill you are looking for.

Karon Temple in Phuket

Visit Karon Temple

Looking for a casual local experience? Visit Karon Temple, also officially known as Wat Suwan Khiri Khet or Wat Karon, to get a glimpse of the Buddha statues and the many beautiful statues of creatures from Thai folklore. The peaceful small temple is unique for its beautiful main building that is guarded by two large snakes, "Nagas." The doors and windows are painted with Buddha's life stories.

Karon Temple Market shopping Phuket

Shop at Karon Temple Market

Interested in some local night market shopping? You can also visit the same temple's Karon Temple Market, offering a wide choice of local products, apparel, and Phuket food delicacies. This market area occupies 12,000 sqm area near Karon Beach and has steadily grown in popularity over recent years. The lively market only opens on Tuesday and Fridays from 16:00 to 22:00. Visitors can find a great range of products for sale here, such as local foods, vegetables, fruit, beachwear, and handmade souvenirs.

Karon Park in Phuket

Enjoy the fresh air at Karon Park

Karon Park provides a running track around the lake with shade provided by the trees. The park also offers some simple fitness machines for you to keep fit during your holiday in Karon. The lake itself is one of the more popular places to celebrate Loy Krathong festival. On the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month in November, thousands of tourists and locals will visit the park to join together and pay respect to the Water Goddess on Loy Kratong day.

Yoga on Karon Beach Phuket

Limber up at a yoga class

Many tourists enjoy learning about different yoga styles on Karon beach. The yoga teachers here are highly trained and make yoga a joy for all levels.

Spa on Karon Beach Phuket

Experience a spa day on Karon Beach

If you begin to feel tired from the vigorous activities on Karon Beach, just visit a spa for rejuvenating massages and spa treatments. The skilled therapists will use natural ingredients like black sesame, blended oils, jasmine rice, and Thai honey to soothe and invigorate your body and mind.

Dino Park mini golf in Karon Beach

Mini-golf at Dino Park, Karon Beach

The Dino Park mini golf is a popular check-out attraction while in Karon Beach. The jungle themed golf course has been designed with dinosaurs and an artificial mini volcano surrounding the 18 hole mini golf course. An enjoyable activity for all ages that should take less than an hour to complete. 

About the ResortThavorn Palm Beach Resort

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is one of Phuket’s best beachfront resorts. We provide tasteful upscale accommodation, direct beachfront access to Karon Beach, a giant four-story waterslide, seven unique dining options, a seaside mini-petting zoo, a kid’s room featuring a ball pit, toys, and activities, and a 12-acre tropical botanical garden on the spacious beachside grounds of our resort.