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Paradise PoolPrime Sunbathing Spot at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

Discover the perfect spot for a quiet retreat at the heart of our luxury Phuket resort. At the center of Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, Paradise Pool is a tranquil oasis surrounded by tropical greenery. Its serene ambience makes it a paradise for those seeking peaceful moments and a leisurely swim. 

Peaceful Leisure

The Paradise Pool's expansive body of water has a depth of 1.2 meters and is chlorinated for cleanliness and safety, perfect for leisurely laps or floating under the sky. 

Distinct from the resort's other aquatic features, this pool caters to guests seeking a comfortable place for lounging and undisturbed sunbathing. The absence of a pool bar has turned this central swimming pool into a peaceful enclave. It primarily attracts guests who wish to immerse themselves in a book, indulge in a restful siesta, or bask in the sun's warmth on the comfortable loungers surrounding the pool.

Differentiating itself as the resort’s prime sunbathing spot, our Paradise Pool provides ample space for guests to relax, get a tan, and enjoy the gentle Phuket breeze. 

Beach Access

This swimming pool is conveniently near a door that leads directly to the road fronting the gorgeous Karon Beach. Having a pool with beach access in Phuket ensures guests can enjoy ocean swims and poolside relaxation effortlessly, taking advantage of Thavorn Palm Beach’s prime location. 

Paradise Pool, nearest to the beach, provides easy beachfront access, allowing quick transitions from poolside lounging to beach activities and enabling guests to fully appreciate the beauty and attractions of Phuket’s Karon Beach. Whether embarking on beach adventures or luxuriating by the pool, our resort lets you experience the best of both worlds.

Close to Nature

Beyond the calming ambience of the Paradise Pool, guests are welcome to explore the resort's extensive offerings. Take a stroll through our sprawling botanical garden, where the vibrant blooms of tropical flora create picturesque sceneries. Our garden, filled with exotic plants and flowers, is meticulously cared for, showcasing nature’s beauty all year round.

Safety & Relaxation

Paradise Pool is just one of the many features at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort designed for a relaxing and restful vacation in Phuket. Our pool rules and regulations, such as no diving, jumping, or outside food and beverages, are designed to maintain a serene environment conducive to rest and relaxation for our pool guests.

Experience quiet bliss at our Phuket hotel’s Paradise Pool. With its expansive size, tranquil atmosphere, and convenient beach access, it's an ideal spot for adults looking to relax, unwind, and enjoy the beauty of our tropical island paradise, Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, Phuket.