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Vacation with Confidence of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

Thavorn Hotels & Resort’s motto has always been “Where Thai Tradition Meets Nature.” Thavorn Palm Beach Resort embodies this motto by continuously pursuing various green and environmentally-responsible practices committed to making our resort a little greener.

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Our Sustainability Awards

Green Hotel Award- An accolade granted by the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion (DEQP) exclusively to hotels which have successfully implemented comprehensive environmentally protection and resource efficiency measures

Sustainability and Green Hotel Practices

Coral Restoration and Marine Life Initiative

“Save Nakalay Reef” is the first privately-funded natural reef coral restoration joint collaboration with the Department of Marine and Coastal resources (DMCR) in Phuket and our sister resort Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa.

Our proud coral conservation accomplishments:

  • We are Phuket’s FIRST to restore, preserve, and grow natural coral reefs in Nakalay Bay
  • We are Phuket’s FIRST to establish a coral learning centre and nursery
  • We recover broken corals and rehabitilate them in our nurseries during monsoon season
  • We actively install coral artificial frame structures for broken corals to safely stabilize
  • We grow broken corals on natural reefs in not just Nakalay Bay, but all over Phuket (Maithon, Racha Island, Koh Yao, etc.)
  • We volunteer to beaches all over Phuket to clean up washed garbage and wastes
  • Learn more about our initiative on our official website
Garden Projects

Garden Projects

  • We have grown hundreds of diverse plant species making us a breathtakingly beautiful TRUE garden resort with diverse and colorful grounds. In total, we have over 12 acres of tropical, botanical, and rainforest gardens near the beach, which is certainly a rarity.
  • We use recycled water to water our massive resort garden plants
Energy & Waste Efficiency Projects

Energy & Waste Efficiency Projects

  • Third-Party Waste Recycle Program - We sell our plastic, cardboard, and scrap metal wastes to third party recycling companies
  • Skip Room Cleaning Program – We offer guests the option to skip room cleaning for free vouchers on property thereby saving energy, water, and waste from laundry and cleaning services
  • We offer guests to send receipt/folios by email to avoid paper waste
  • We replaced all compact fluorescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs
  • We assist the grid by using high voltage electrical appliances during off-peak hours, e.g. generators, air con testing, high pressure water machines, and baking in bakeries.
  • We turn off all administrative office lights 30 mins before leaving
  • We use recycled paper for office internal reports